TOOLS FOR GRADUATES – Enabling apprentices to work after graduation

TOOLS FOR GRADUATES – Enabling apprentices to work after graduation

Purchase CHF 150’000 worth of manual and power tools to train vulnerable youngsters in a pragmatic and valuable craft.


  • Determination of number of graduates by craft.
  • Determine the type and number of specific tools required after the graduation.
  • Negotiate and purchase the tools from a local supplier if possible.
  • Manage the delivery of the tools to the three workshop-schools.
  • Carry out yearly inventories to ensure the proper use and maintenance of the tools.

Our mission

Is to create opportunities for young, vulnerable Latin Americans so that they may prosper and, with them, their families and communities. GANYDAR creates opportunities for youngsters to learn, work and build their own future.

The reason

Almost 80 percent of common street crimes in Latin America are committed by individuals between 12 and 25 years old. Young people are also the biggest victims of violence.

The opportunity

The biggest challenge graduates face is not having access to the right tools to work. After extensive preparation, our foundation has launched a new, complementary programme: toolsets for graduates.

This initiative gives graduates a basic toolset so that they can work and earn a living from day one after the School programme.

Project objectives

  • Our goal is to donate 430 toolsets to apprentices in three workshop-schools: Colonia (Uruguay), Puebla (Mexico) and Brazil (João Pessoa).
  • Achieve a 70% employment rate after one year of graduation.

Geographical scope

  • Workshop-school of Trinidad, La Habana and Cienfuegos (Cuba).
  • Workshop-school of Colonia (Uruguay).
  • Workshop-school of Puebla (Mexico).
  • Workshop-school of Joao Pessoa (Brazil).

Project duration

Three years, from 2017 to 2020.