TOOLS FOR WORKSHOPS – Training apprentices and 
preserving our heritage

TOOLS FOR WORKSHOPS – Training apprentices and 
preserving our heritage

Purchase CHF 150’000 worth of manual and power tools to train vulnerable youngsters in a pragmatic and valuable craft.


  • Determine the local needs for craftsmen, identifying which are the most demanded.
  • Determine the type and number of specific tools required to train the youngsters.
  • Negotiate and purchase the tools from a local supplier if possible.
  • Manage the delivery of the tools to the three workshop-schools.
  • Carry out yearly inventories to ensure the proper use and maintenance of the tools.

Our mission

We believe every young Latin-American should have access to education, employment and develop the skills to become an entrepreneur.

GANYDAR creates opportunities for youngsters to learn, work and build their own future.

The reason

20 million 15-24 year-old Latin-Americans can neither study nor work. Frequently, they are condemned to resort to crime, violence and prostitution to make a living. They do not want charity; only the tools to take control of their lives.

The opportunity

From pre-Columbian temples to colonial Baroque churches, Latin America possesses a rich cultural heritage. However, neglect has led to the deterioration and loss of many heritage assets over the last seventy years.

What if unemployed youngsters were to learn a craft and restore their local heritage sites?

Project objectives

  • Train 300 vulnerable youngsters in a craft, enabling them to earn a living from day one.
  • Achieve a 70% employment rate after one year of graduation.
  • Participate in the restoration and preservation of 10 local heritage sites.

Geographical scope

  • Workshop-school of Trinidad, La Habana and Cienfuegos (Cuba).
  • Workshop-school of Colonia (Uruguay).
  • Workshop-school of Puebla (Mexico).
  • Workshop-school of Joao Pessoa (Brazil).

Project duration

Three years, from 2017 to 2020.