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GANYDAR Foundation - Empowering Young People


Founding Story

GANYDAR stands for ‘ganar’ (to earn) and ‘dar’ (to give). Our mission is to create opportunities for 20 million 15-24 year-old Latin Americans that can neither study nor work.

Our programmes help vulnerable youngsters learn a craft, find a decent job and become a positive force in their communities.

GANYDAR creates opportunities so that young, vulnerable Latin Americans can grow, earn a living and create their own future

Apprentices helps renovate historic monuments, humble neighborhoods, as well as fix and improve public infrastructure. They also collaborate in an important way in the preservation of the national historical heritage, making it more attractive for the inhabitants of the cities and for the tourism.

GANYDAR contributes to the training of these vulnerable young people, in their training and in the sustainable development that allows them to forge a decent and prosperous way of living.

Education Employment Entrepreneurship

"Since 1995, more than 1.500 youngsters have learnt a craft with our programmes"


Digital opportunity accelerator for Young Latin Americans

JOVEN.LAT offers free access to local and personalized learning and work opportunities for all young people who register.

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TOOLS FOR WORKSHOPS – Training apprentices and 
preserving our heritage

Purchase CHF 150’000 worth of manual and power tools to train vulnerable youngsters in a pragmatic and valuable craft.

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TOOLS FOR GRADUATES – Enabling apprentices to work after graduation

Purchase CHF 150’000 worth of manual and power tools to train vulnerable youngsters in a pragmatic and valuable craft.

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Address: 31 Dorfstrasse, Feusisberg, SZ, 8835, Switzerland

Phone: +41 (0)44 586 1441


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Our Team

Lucien Vouillamoz: Co-Founder & Chairman.

Inventor and serial entrepreneur. Launched GANYDAR inspired by the mothers of Guasmo, Ecuador.


Christoph Schaer: Co-founder & Council Member.

Lawyer and entrepreneur. Passionate about sustainable farming, he runs a Merino sheep ranch in Patagonia.


Gregor Schmid: Co-founder & Council Member.

Lawyer and succession planning advisor. Member of the Swiss-Uruguayan Chamber of Commerce.


Dra. Med Evelyne Nantermod: Co-fondateur et membre du conseil.

Specialist in gynecology and obstetrics. Worked 10 years as head doctor in a Swiss hospital. Currently installed in private practice. She teaches awareness of being, is attentive to the cause of women, passionate about dance and a painter in her spare time.


Daniel Rincón Hanna: Managing Director.

Systems engineer. Has worked in Spain, Colombia and Cuba. Fired by the desire to empower a new generation of young Latin Americans.


Carlos Montero: Graduate in Communication Sciences with a Diplomat in Strategic Management of High Direction.

Editor in chief - Journalist. Creates new development models and ensures analytic rigour.


Alberto Lasa Saracíbar: Marketing Director.

Online marketing specialist and entrepreneur. "I think technology can change the world".


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